Moisturising Lip Masks (10)


Lip masks are a complimenting add on service for your lash clients.

We have made them as affordable as possible at only 60 cents each.

You will love them because not only is it a luxurious add on for your clients, but it will help you as the lash artist as your clients will not be able to talk during the treatment therefore your accuracy and speed of application will improve.

Whether you make them a paid add on to your service, or incorporate the costs in your own pricing – your clients will thank you and your lash game will change!

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You most likely advise your clients not to speak during their appointment, but sometimes they just cant help it. Fluttering eyes will slow you down, possibly affect their retention, and increase the risks of them getting irritated eyes. Lip Masks help those chatty clients take a break from talking!

An Allergy test is always recommended before introducing any new product to clients.

Additional information

Weight .105 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 cm

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