About our Training

At Australian Lash Academy we combine our love, passion and obsession to teach you to be the best in your craft as well as business. One by one we’re trying to improve the industry and standards we have in Australia as well as the lives of those choosing lashes as their career. We offer you a genuine and personal training experience and a commitment to your future. You are not just a number to us, you are a lash sister (or brother) and we will always strive to help you achieve your full potential. But don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonials  and see what our clients and trainees are saying.

As an industry we are continuously advancing and learning more. At Australian Lash Academy we strive to teach you the highest standards of safe and sustainable lashes that your clients can get forever!

How lucky are we….. what other service-based industry (other than nails) do you know of that can provide regular repeat customers every 2-4 weeks?! So it’s important to look after your clients and leave them feeling 100% confident in your services.


Meet our Trainer

“Hi, I am Jessie, the Owner and Trainer at Australian Lash Academy.

I initially joined the industry like so many do; having a bad experience with lashes myself and wanting to improve the standards in the industry so no other clients have to experience the horrors I had. It was also a great way to supplement my income as I was already working full time. Little did I know then that a couple of years later I would have quit my full-time job to run and own two successful lash business, teaching others to do the same!

I became very obsessed with lashes and spent a lot of my free time learning more, researching and dreaming of lashes (seriously though!). I soon entered and won/placed in many national and international lash competitions which just drove my passion for lashes even more. I was never satisfied knowing the minimum and always strive for more. I have taken close to 20 lash courses to date myself with trainers all around the world, to ensure my knowledge and skills are always as up to date as possible.

I started Australian Lash Academy to give people like you the skills and knowledge you need to create a profitable and enjoyable career. Giving you the blue print to build a successful lash business that can offer you the freedom and flexibility you want on your own terms! All while producing high quality safe lashes that will have your clients raving about you and ensure their lashes stay healthy so they keep coming back for a lifetime.”

About our Trainer 

Jessie is an internationally recognised Lash educator, multi award winning Lash Artist and owner of Australian Lash Academy.

Through years of hard work Jessie was proudly shortlisted in the “Top 5 Lash Educators” this year in the 2019 International NALA Lash Awards.

Jessie has had her work featured on the front cover of the international industry lash magazine “Lash Inc” as well as having her work and articles published. Jessie was also nominated for other awards such as “Mentor of the Year”, “Academy of the Year” and “Professional Integrity Award” (in the NALA awards 2018 & 2019 – which recognise Lash Artists and Educators around the world) for her commitment to her training and students.

Jessie believes in improving the standards of the Australian lash industry and therefore has been on the ARLA board since it was established in 2018, helping to create, improve and regulate the standards in the lash industry.

Jessie believes in offering each new and current lash artist an in-depth training and premium supplies to set themselves up for success. Giving YOU the skills, knowledge and support to grow a thriving lash business!

What to Expect

Our promise is to provide you with all the knowledge you need to start a successful career whether that is a sideline hobby or a full-time career. Our courses contain three times more content than the average training course in the industry at the moment ensuring you confidently achieve your potential and set yourself apart from your competition.

Our courses are delivered in a blended format with online modules to complete before your training as well as with us face to face (courses can be delivered entirely face to face if this is an option you would prefer, just let us know). This way you get the most value out of the course as well as fully utilising the time you spend with us. We have found great success delivering our courses in this way, with students retaining a greater amount of information and developing a lot quicker. It also means you don’t have to be away from home/work as long by completing the online modules in your own time then only spending a couple of days with us.

We offer both private and small group training (2-3 max) to ensure you get the full development you need and walk away with all the knowledge you need to thrive.

Not only will you receive one of Australia’s most comprehensive Lash Training, but you will also receive on-going support and mentor-ship from our trainer and team to assist you to reach your goals in lashing and business.

Please request information about the course you are interested in and we will get back to you with all the details about exactly what will be covered including content, dates, cost and perks!

Don’t be average, be the best!


This is the ultimate lash course that covers EVERYTHING lashes! Lash lifts, Classic Eyelash Extensions, Russian Volume & Business

click here for more information


This is a comprehensive course that focuses on teaching you everything you need to know about Classic Eyelash Extensions and how to build a successful lash business

click here for more information


This course teaches your all the fundamentals of Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions so you can add this amazing WOW service to your lash menu

click here for more information


This course teaches you all the theory and hands on experience you need to create stunning lash lifts and tint which are taking the beauty industry by storm

click here for more information


This is a fully customised one on one mentoring session where YOU decide the curriculum

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Whether you are new to the industry or looking to upskill, you can now access the best Lash Training online, and learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home or on the run

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“I cannot believe how much I learnt in my course with you. Boy did I under estimate what was involved but wow am I glad I found such a great training that covered everything. The training was thorough and has allowed me to walk away with the confidence I need to start creating beautiful lashes and safe in the knowledge I have that I will practice the highest standards of safe lashing”

– Maddie

“I cannot recommend Jessie highly enough! I have been doing eyelash extensions for 9 months now and wanted to perfect my work with further training. I just finished the Classic Eyelash Application course with Jessie and it was so worth it for me! Jessie is so lovely, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is an amazing teacher, I wish I did my first course with her. I have come away with much more information, I feel confident and am lucky to have Jessie’s full ongoing support after the course as well. I would definitely recommend this course if you’re thinking about doing the training”

– Jodie

“I have taken two courses now with Australian Lash Academy and have my third one booked in two months’ time! Every course has taught me so much and I build on my knowledge each time. I have found the ongoing support to be a god send. I am the annoying person that always sends questions through, but the team are always so friendly and thorough in their replies which makes me the best lash artist I can be”

– Georgina

“Thank you so much for my training. I absolutely loved it and feel so excited for what is to come. I never wanted it to end! It was such a full on training, but in a good way, full of so much information, practice and laughs”

– Ling

“Truly the best teacher and course materials I have come across!! I feel so confident to start lashing and felt the course was so complete in all aspects covering the application technique, the science and theory of eyelash extensions, know how to get your business started and literally everything I needed to know…..

…..I honestly am so grateful to Jessie for passing her talent and wisdom to me so I can confidently, safely and successfully lash my clients! Thank you Jessie”

– Shirley

“Just let me say WOW. Jessie is a true master of her trade which translates effortlessly into the wealth of information you will learn throughout the course. I have walked away feeling beyond competent and excited for my own future in the industry. Jessie is so committed to her students, she insists she’s only a message away – even after your training is over and done with.  Jessie is the trainer dreams are made of”

– Bec

“I completed a one on one mentoring session with Australian Lash Academy. The training was completely tailored to me and what I wanted help with, which we spent the majority of it focusing on advanced eye styling techniques. The day was amazing and has truly transformed my lash sets and the customisation I can offer my clients. It was so personal and full of content designed for me – just spot on. Thank you”

– Emily

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