Adhesive Glue Rings (25)


Pack of 25.

Can be used for adhesive and remover.

If you are having retention problems on one eye (usually the opposite side to which you place your adhesive) then chances are your adhesive is not staying work-able for the extra time it takes you to get to the second eye. Glue rings are ideal as your adhesive will not only be close your clients lashes for quicker application, but it will also reduce the chance of their being any adhesive related retention differences between both eyes.

Ideal to dispense remover into to stop cross contamination. That way if you are double dipping it is only with the dispensed remover you have put into the glue ring.

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Disposable glue rings are ideal for one use or can be lined with foil to use multiple times. (dispose of the foil each time you refresh the adhesive)

Please ensure you take the correct measures to protect yourself from the adhesive VOC’s throughout lashing, and even more so when working with a glue ring and bringing the adhesive closer to your nose.

Additional information

Weight .015 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3 cm

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