Disinfectant Box


To correctly disinfect your tools; firstly soak in acetone to remove any traces of adhesive, then rinse in warm soapy water. Then using your chosen hospital grade disinfectant, close the lid to submerge your tweezers into the Disinfectant Box for the recommended time for your solution.

Rinse and air dry on a disposable paper towel or medical bib, before storing in a sealed container.

We highly recommend having more than one pair of your working tools so that you can ensure one is always ready to use whilst the other in disinfecting.

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Please follow the instructions and time frames of your chosen disinfectant solution as times vary.

Prodcut size (approx):
H 7cm D 11cm W 23cm

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Weight .37 kg
Dimensions 23 × 8 × 13 cm

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