When was the last time you took a new lash course or attended a lash conference? If it was longer than 12-18 months ago then we recommend it’s time you booked yourself in for another!

Chances are if you took a course many years ago, you are still using the dreaded 0.20/0.25 and still not letting the lashes get wet or 24/48 hours. Or maybe you are over extending, or using a technique that is taking longer than it needs to. Unfortunately, we simply do not know what we do not know. We assume what we have paid good money to be taught in a course is right, so keep going with that information. But of course, there are always changes to every industry so to stay up to date, so much your education.

Just like most industries, things change, and working with such a delicate lash and on the sensitive eye area it is important you stay up to date in those advances. You should have the professional duty of care to make sure you are working to the highest standards of safe application and practice at all times.

Not only is regular education highly valuable to you in your day to day lashing, but it is also a great way to retain and attract clients. Clients want to feel confident that they are getting the highest level of care, latest techniques, and safe application. They want to feel confident that what YOU say is the right advice (and equally that is good for your relationships with your clients because there is nothing worse than clients who tell you how to do your job!).

Imagine going to a hairdresser for the latest treatment, colour or style. If your hairdresser doesn’t stay up to date with their education, you would not feel as confident in their ability, knowledge and expertise in the service you are requesting. You are more likely to keep researching and find a place where the hairdressers are up to date with the latest techniques and upskilling regularly. Your clients and potential clients are the same, they love to see that their Lash Artist is the best in the business and takes it seriously. For some that might even build some hype next time a friend asks where they get their lashes done, they will proudly offer your details and how you know your stuff!

Attending lash conferences are also a great opportunity to keep your finger on the pulse as they often cover the topics that everyone else in the industry need support with or updates on. They also generally attract some big named speakers in the industry both nationally and globally so you can feel at ease knowing you are hearing the latest information and working with the same knowledge and standards as everyone around the world.

These conferences also enable you to network with like minded lash artists and business owners and make new connections. You may have even spoken with some online and now can put a face to the name. No matter how supportive our family and friends are, often only another lash artist or business owners truly understands some of your highs and lows and may have been there themselves to offer help and guidance. (Hang tight for our blog on “Community over Competition” for our opinion on having these connections).

We commonly get asked “how often should I be taking new courses”, and really there is no right or wrong answer. Mainly because we are all at different experience levels and different points in our life and business, but as a general rule of thumb we recommend every 1-2 years minimum. Of course, the more you up-skill the less you may walk away with as it will not be entirely new information, but take it from me…. I have taken close to 20 lash courses and 5 lash conferences, and EVERYTIME I have walked away with new information that has made me a better lash artist, better educator or improve my business.

If you can’t remember when your last lash course or conference was, it is probably time to get one booked in! You, your business and your clients with benefit from it every time.

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