Glitter Mascara Wands (50 pcs)


50 disposable mascara wands in each pack.

Choose between black, pink, purple or blue glitter with matching bristles.

Please ensure you use one mascara wand per client and do not use them on multiple clients.

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Are you wondering what you can do with your unwanted mascara wands? Maybe your client has so many that they/you are binning them or not taking them home anymore! Well the answer is SEND THEM TO US! At Australian Lash Academy we support Appalachian Wild which is a wildlife refuge in their ‘Wands for Wildlife” campaign. They have found an amazing use for our old mascara wands as the small bristles are perfect for combing through wildlife’s fur and feathers to clean away any nasties. Save mascara wands and save wildlife! With your support we can send even more help to the wildlife refuge.

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