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Clear is a great adhesive that can be used for Classics and Russian Volume.

Ideal for lash artists using coloured lashes as it will not show on the extensions, for clients that have are sensitive to carbon (the pigment that makes adhesives black), or just for anyone who prefers working with clear transparent adhesives.

Drying time: 1-2 seconds

Retention: 5-7 weeks

Can be used between 30-70% humidity.

Optimum performance within 40-70% Humidity. 20-25’C Temperature

For Professional Use only.

Please note: Due to the sensitivity of adhesives to temperature we only ship adhesives Monday-Thursday to help reduce the risk of it being stuck in hot warehouses and vans over the weekend. If your order contains adhesive please be aware that whole order will be shipped Monday if placed later than Thursday morning.
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For professional use only

We strongly recommend patch testing/allergy testing each client before using our adhesive (or any adhesives for that matter).

How to patch/allergy test a client: perform the same procedure you will on the day, using all the products you would normally use (as there is a chance they can be allergic to any of them); including eye pads, tapes, cleansers etc. Instead of applying a full set of lashes, apply 5-10 lashes on each eye, across the lash line. It is recommended to match the length and diameter of the clients natural lashes so they will not be noticable for the next few days. Allow 48 hours after their patch test before their next appointment. If there is signs of a reaction, do not lash them.

Adhesive should NEVER touch the skin. For anyone that was trained to patch test on the skin, behind the ear, or on their wrist, this is INCORRECT.

Remember an allergy test does not guarentee someone will not have an allergic reaction. It is a method of casting the net in the hope to capture anyone who would is likely to have a reaction. The quantity and exposure someone will have from a patch test compared to a full set is different, therefore their reaction may not always show with small exposure.

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