Acupuncture Bracelet & Ring


It is essential for every lash artist to look after themselves when choosing lashes as a career. Our hands and fingers are repetitively used in the same position for hours on end which can put us at risk of RSI and Carpel Tunnel.

It is recommended to use these at the start and end of the day. (Or even during breaks between clients!)

To use; Put your hand into the bracelet rolling it up and down from the bottom of your hand, wrist and lower arm, massaging it into your wrist to relieve pressure points. Similar to the bracelet, use the ring on each finger, slowly rolling and massaging it from the tip of your down to the base of your finger, repeating on all fingers and thumbs. Do this on both hands and all fingers.


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1 x Bracelet and 1 x Ring included.

This product is NOT a guarantee preventative. It is a recommended exercise.

You only have one body! To keep your body strong whilst lashing we recommend regular exercise working on your core, stretches for your hands, shoulders and back, as well as regular professional help like massage or osteopath visits.

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