5D Pre-Made Volume Fans


Our pre-made volume lashes are 5D 0.07. 12 lines.

Each line has 11 pre-made fans, a total of 132 in the tray.

Mixed length trays are 8mm-12mm.

These can safely be used on natural lashes that can support 0.20/0.18 classic lashes. Ensure you take into consideration each and every natural lashes diameter and length when considering each fan to apply to it.

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Our pre-made volume lashes are made from high quality pbt fibres.

Please ensure if you are using pre-made volume that you understand the volume calculations and only use the correct pre-made fans. One of the biggest issues currently in the industry where lash artists are using pre-made fans is the lack of education and understanding in what can and cannot be applied.

As a quick tip: 3D 0.07 can be used on any natural lash that can usually support a 0.15 classic lash. Remembering to only extend by 2/3mm or 30% (which ever is the least). Remember, if the natural lash is shorter or finer, this MUST be taken into consideration when choosing your fan. 5D 0.07 can be used on any natural lash that can usually support at 0.20 classic lash. Using extensions that are too heavy for natural lashes will cause damage. If their natural lashes are 0.15, then drop down to 0.05 for 5D

The art of volume is to create density, and this cannot be achieved with extremely long lashes. The shorter the lashes, the fuller they will appear.

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Weight .03 kg
Dimensions 13 × 6 × 2.5 cm



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