5 Tile Lash Organiser


Available in Black, White or Marble.

Having your lashes organised and ready to go will save you so much time before, during and after your lash appointments.

Keep your lash strips organised and more importantly clean and away from dust and other air born pathogens with our lash organisers.

Once you start using a lash strip, it is not good hygiene practice to return it to the lash tray as it can easily cause contamination amoungst the tray of lashes. That is where the lash tiles and storage come in so handy, once you remove a lash strip you no longer need to place it back in the tray as it has a new home. For extra caution you can even cut your strips in half before removing them from your tray so that less is being used between clients.

Limited available. These WILL NOT be restocked once they sell out.

The 5 tile lash organiser is an acrylic box that stores your working lash strips. 7-15mm printed lines.

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Size: 12.5cm (H) 8.5cm (W) 10.5cm (D)

(Please note they are the same great products but have our previous branding on them)

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Weight .68 kg
Dimensions 10 × 13 × 14 cm

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